About Kirk Bernard

Lawyer Kirk B. BernardI would like to express my deep personal gratitude that you’re considering hiring the Bernard Law Group as your legal representation. You have an incredible number of options when seeking legal counseling, and finding the right one can see like an insurmountable task. In order to help you determine whether our services are right for you, let me tell you a little bit more about myself and the history of the Bernard Law Group.

I believe that defending the rights of accident victims is the calling I was born to. In the 1930s, my father, Saul Bernard, began practicing law. He provided legal representation for clients without discriminating based on income or societal standing. The only requirement he had for deciding whether to take on a client was that he wanted the chance to defend someone who had been wronged. He practiced law with a single purpose: to affect a positive change in the world.


Admitted to the bar in 1981, Kirk Bernard has more than 30 years’ experience as a civil litigation attorney, protecting the rights of accident victims on a contingency basis. In this time, Bernard’s clients have been awarded millions of dollars in settlements.

A four-year-old girl was killed when a City of San Francisco Municipal Railway truck crashed, and several other people were severely injured. Bernard’s clients were awarded a record-setting $27 million settlement.

A driver fell asleep at the wheel and collided with another vehicle, making the plaintiff a quadriplegic. Bernard obtained a $7.9 million settlement for the victim.

A seatbelt malfunction resulted in traumatic brain injuries for a minor passenger involved in a head-on collision. $4.4 million in damages were recovered for Bernard’s clients.

A female pedestrian, 74 years old, was hit by a company-owned truck, seriously damaging her legs. She was required to undergo several surgeries and a below-the-knee amputation. She was represented by Bernard and awarded $3 million.

Odell v. Wooden Boat Foundation, a case regarding an explosion that involved liquid nails, was settled for $1,004,000 in favor of Bernard’s clients.

A 22-year-old woman was involved in a rear-end collision, which caused her to suffer two bulging disc injuries. The driver at fault declined all settlement offers before the court date. After a three day jury trial, Bernard’s client was awarded $166,000.

A helicopter crash, caused by a malfunctioning part, killed a Hispanic immigrant working as a janitor. The victim was survived by two children and a putative spouse. They were awarded $950,000 plus a lifetime annuity in excess of $5 million for the children.

Kirk Bernard has been practicing law for more than three decades. He owns and manages law firms in Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington, and he’s been involved in many more noteworthy cases.

Two weeks before trial, Bernard acquired a $5.5 million settlement for his client, who was traumatically injured in a motorcycle crash caused by insufficient highway-construction-zone warning signs.

In Wages v. Wah Kue Café, an auto collision case in which the drivers of both vehicles were under the influence of alcohol, the establishment serving alcohol was found to be responsible, and Bernard’s client received a $1.5 million settlement.

Bernard has successfully fought for the reparation owed to patients suffering from the side effects of the prescription drug Baycol and those injured by the faulty Sultzer artificial hip implant. He is a member of the Consumer Attorneys Association, the American Association for Justice, and an eagle member of the Washington Trial Lawyers Association. He is also an active member of the State Bar who is licensed to practice law in California and Washington.

Sometimes just being financially compensated isn’t enough. But by using the contingency retainer, lawyers have in some cases been able to change laws, California’s HMO regulations, for example. We are proud to say our efforts have improved the rights of the general public as well as our clients.

If you choose to hire the legal services of the Bernard Law Group, I personally pledge that we will work tirelessly and diligently until your case is resolved. We will let nothing stand in our way in our fight to protect your rights and recover the settlement owed to you.