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Consumer Reports Urges Pet Safety Amid Intense Heat

Consumer Reports is explaining the precautions that pet owners have to take in order to protect their animals from the threat of heat exhaustion and heatstroke.  They point out that obese dogs, those with a lot of fur, and those short-snouted pets like pugs and bulldogs are particularly susceptible to this threat.  Although walks are acceptable, they should be avoided or severely limited when the weather is at its hottest.  And just like it’s important to never leave kids in a hot car for even a short period of time, pets require the same safety precautions.  Dogs don’t sweat the way we do, and thus it takes hardly any time at all for a serious health issue to set in.  If you believe your animal may have incurred heatstroke, keep it cool with wet towels or a hose.  Let it lick ice cubes and bring it into a vet if necessary.

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Texas Lawmakers Unable to Pass Texting and Driving Ban

A texting and driving ban in the state of Texas won’t see the light of day in front of the Senate, which means that it will be at least 2015 until such a measure is considered anew.  Although a bill banning texting at the wheel received the approval of the state House, it languished in the Senate Transportation Committee.  The bill was heard but never voted upon because the chairman, who had previously voted against such a law, decided that it wasn’t worth progressing.  That lawmaker argued that time shouldn’t be spent on a law that would probably be vetoed by the Governor anyway, which is indeed what happened in 2011.  For now, Texans will have to be content knowing that 24 areas throughout the state already have a texting ban on the books.

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Tips On Keeping Medications Away From Pets

A new article offers tips on how to keep pets safe from medications that could be dangerous to animals.  First, one should understand that pets will typically have no trouble making it past a child-proof container.  As such, all medications should be kept in a locked cabinet that can’t be reached by the pet.  Also be aware of guests that might keep pills in a purse or other carrying case, as a curious animal can easily get into these as well.  And finally, know how to reach your vet and how to contact an animal poison control center.

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Akron, Ohio Adopts New Rules in Regards to Dangerous Dogs

In Akron, Ohio, the Rules Committee of the Summit County Council has opted to institute new rules in regard to dogs that have been deemed dangerous.  An amended ordinance being passed will define dangerous, nuisance, and vicious dogs and allow owners to challenge that designation.  Owners of vicious and dangerous dogs will also have to get a special $50 dog tag, keep the animal in a fenced off area, and purchase liability insurance.

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