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8,700 Infant Varsity Jackets Recalled By Macy’s Over Choking Threat

The New York City-based Macy’s Merchandising Group has announced the recall of 8,700 First Impressions Varsity Jackets for infants.  These snap-up hooded jackets, which have a style number of 1300, were sold by either Military Exchanges or Macy’s between September and November of last year.  The jackets have snaps that are in danger of being dislodged and thus the infant outfitted with the jacket could choke on the snap if they get ahold of it.  Thankfully, no injurious incidents have been reported at this time, and to ensure that continues, owners are being asked not to dress their kids in the jackets.  Instead, the jackets can be brought to Macy’s or Military Exchanges for a refund.

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Kids’ Jackets Recalled By 5 Star Kids Apparel Due to Entanglement Risk

The New York City-based 5 Star Kids Apparel has announced the recall of Mecca-branded children’s hooded jackets sized 2T to XL.  Six styles of the long sleeve jackets are impacted by the recall, which was issued because of the existence of toggled drawstrings around the neck and the bottom of the jackets.  As such, the clothing violates regulations set forth by the federal government in 2011 as a means to reduce the threat of entanglement or strangulation among children.  No such incidents have been reported in association with the estimated 48,000 jackets at this time, and to ensure that continues, the drawstrings and toggles should be removed and tossed out.  The items were available between August 2010 and March 2011.

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Bike Safety Stressed to El Centro, California Students

Around 80 children in the El Centro, California area were recently treated to a demonstration of bicycle safety put on by a member of the local police department at the library.  The officer enlisted the kids themselves to help him provide instructions about such things as laws, the proper equipment to wear, and the advisability of riding on the sidewalk.  He stressed the importance of basically riding a bike as if vehicle operators couldn’t see the rider, which is often the case.  One particularly enthusiastic student, whom the officer pegged as a star student for his knowledge of the topic prior to the event, explained the importance of affixing a light to the bike when riding at night.

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FDA Explains Importance of Reporting Child Medical Device Adversity

The Food and Drug Administration has released a new report focused on stressing to parents the importance of reporting problems associated with their children’s medical devices.  The worry is that side effects might be inappropriately attributed to an illness or perhaps an associated medication.  The FDA thus wants parents to recognize that a medical device can create adversity as well.  Whether a device has an actual defect or is difficult to use, the more information the FDA has, the better they’re able to bolster safety around each device through regulatory efforts.  Parents are asked to take into consideration things like wear and tear, device size, alarms, and the unique status of their child when evaluating whether a device might contribute to some type of adversity and is deserving of an ensuing MedWatch report.

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Stay Safe When Visiting A Dog Park

Last week we related some tips that can help children avoid being bitten by strange dogs, and one place where those tips often have to be exercised is at a dog park.  The safety precautions described in a new report are important for adults as well as kids.  Dog owners should give other dogs a wide berth unless they can verify with the owner that the dog is safe to approach.  It’s best to allow the owner to bring the dog over rather than to come near it yourself.  Keep your arms at your sides and let the dog sniff you out first.  Once it relaxes, you can start to pet it without making any sudden movements that could startle the animal.  And if you’re not sure if your dog is ready for a dog park, it’s best not to force them to socialize if they don’t want to.

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BPA Officially Banned From Baby Food Packaging By The FDA

Bisphenol A, otherwise known as BPA, has officially been banned from the packaging of baby foods by the Food and Drug Administration.  The final rule, which was published at the end of last week, will be more of a symbolic step at this point than anything else, as the FDA notes that product manufacturers no longer even use BPA.  It was this very abandonment of the substances that allowed the FDA to exercise its banning privilege under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.  The American Chemistry Council believes this measure will serve to make consumers more aware of the unavailability of the substance and remove the confusion that might exist.  At the moment, the FDA is still looking into the potential health ramifications of BPA but has not come to any conclusions based off of ongoing research.

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Rearview Camera Mandate Delayed For The Moment

In 2007, the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act was passed with a provision that would have required the mandatory installation of rearview cameras in all new vehicles of the 2014 model year and beyond.  Unfortunately, Consumer Reports explains that the regulation now won’t be enacted until at least 2015, the fourth such delay the measure has faced.  The Senate Commerce Committee Chairman expressed sadness at the delay, stating that the rule could prevent many injuries and deaths from a vehicle backing into a child.  Consumer Reports urges consumers to invest in one of the many vehicles out there which have already utilized rearview camera technology.  In addition to the child safety ramifications, rearview cameras can prevent collisions related to parallel parking and backing up.

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American Kennel Club Details How To Ensure Child Safety Near Dogs

The American Kennel Club has put forth a safety checklist designed to help parents talk to their children about remaining safe around dogs.  Although family pets might be friendly, this isn’t true of all animals that children will encounter.  As such, the organization recommends that parents stress to children that dogs aren’t toys to be played with.  Even dogs that are safe to pet should never have their ears or tail pulled.  When approaching other persons’ dogs, one should always ask prior to petting the animal, and if the owner says no for whatever reason, their wishes should be honored.  When a dog is asleep or eating, they should be left alone, and even when awake, kids need to walk toward a dog from the front rather than a vantage point where the dog can’t see them.

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Use Caution When Buying Used Children’s Products

Parents looking to save a bit of money may opt to purchase certain products used for their children.  There is nothing wrong with this, but it should be understood that there are some things that ought always to be bought new, and a new report explains why.  Most clothes, for instance, are okay so long as they haven’t been recalled for something like an entrapment hazard (due to drawstrings and the like) or a fire hazard (due to flammable material).  Things like baby monitors and even high chairs may also be acceptable, but again, research should be conducted to verify that current safety requirements are met.  However, most sleep environments should be new.  Crib safety standards change constantly, and you also never know when a vital piece might simply be missing.  Mattresses similarly could be infested with bacteria if used and thus should be purchased new.

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Parents Offered Tips on Protecting Their Kids Online

A new report offers a variety of tips to parents hoping to protect their children from the many dangers that await online.  Producers of a PBS program called Internet Safety 101 say that safety begins by simply speaking with kids about internet usage.  Parents can go help prevent accidental exposure to an adult site or an internet predator by monitoring internet-equipped devices and opening up a dialogue with their kids.  Keep an eye on social accounts and communications your children have with others online to see if anything potentially inappropriate is taking place.  You can spend time learning about and enacting the many privacy functions available on most devices and applications.  Disabling things like webcams and instant chat are also a great idea, and your children should understand that it’s never okay to try to meet someone in person who they only know from the online world.

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Burn Risk Leads to Recall of 7,400 Radio Controlled Helicopters

Radio Controlled 3-Channel Helicopters under the Fast Lane brand are being recalled by the Wayne, New Jersey-based Toys R Us because of a potential fire hazard.  These toy helicopters, which were only available at Toys R Us stores across the country and in Canada between this past September and January, could experience battery overheating.  This can lead the user to sustain a burn or it could prompt a fire if the helicopter is flown into nearby flammable structures.  11 overheating incidents have been reported at this time, thought there have thankfully been no associated injuries.  Owners of the 7,400 or os recalled products should stop using the helicopters and bring them back to Toys R Us for a refund.

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Child Safety Lock Malfunction Leads Ford to Recall 13,100 Vehicles

Lincoln MKS, Taurus, and Explorer vehicles of the 2013 model year are being recalled by Ford because of an issue that could compromise the safety of children in the backseat.  More than 13,100 automobiles are affected by the recall, which derived from the potential onset of a child safety lock malfunction.  This defect could lead those locks to be turned off without input from the driver, and as a result, a child could open the door while the vehicle is in transit.  No such incidents have been reported at this time, and once the recall begins, owners should receive a notification and be able to bring their automobiles in to a dealer.  The child safety locks will be replaced by dealers if deemed necessary.

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Avoiding Forgetfulness That Leads To Hot Car Tragedies

The Kidsandcars organization wants parents to not only acknowledge the risks of leaving a child in a hot vehicle but to recognize that such an occurrence could potentially happen to anyone.  Forgetfulness can strike anywhere and turn deadly if it means a parent forgets that a sleeping child is in the backseat of an automobile.  The director of the organization has pointed out that regulations calling upon parents to place their children in the backseat has had the unintended effect of making hot car fatalities more commonplace.  That’s not to say that young kids should be placed in the front seat, as an airbag deployment could still lead to severe injury or death.  Instead, parents should get in the habit of leaving an object in the backseat at all times.  A stuffed animal, for instance, can be placed in a carseat while not in use, and then brought to the front as a reminder that a child is now in that seat.

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Choking Hazard Prompts Recall of 47,500 Buff Baby Rattles

47,500 Buff Baby rattles are being recalled from around the country by the Cumberland, Rhode Island-based Fred & Friends.  These dumbbell-shaped baby rattles were sold at various toy stores and online between October 2011 and this month.  The end of the toy is in danger of becoming dislodged from the rest of the unit, a situation that could permit the child to gain access to small parts that could create a choking threat.  Although two incidents have been reported, neither of those led to an injury, thankfully.  The rattles should be removed to an area that kids can’t reach them.  Owners are then advised to get in touch with Fred & Friends to learn how to get their money back.

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Kids Endangered By Vehicles In A Multitude of Ways

There are numerous things that could compromise the safety of a child in the vicinity of an automobile.  A new report takes a look at a variety of these dangerous situations as compiled by an organization known as KidsandCars.  The agency notes that while the threat of a heated vehicle is still very much a danger, kids being backed over has actually supplanted that oversight as being the leading cause of nontraffic fatalities among kids.  Also at the top of the list of safety priorities is the proper installation of a carseat, something that far too many people neglect to do properly. Parents are advised to never leave their kids in a hot car, even for a short period of time, and to always verify no one is behind them and that their kids are buckled in properly prior to putting a vehicle into gear.

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Injury Risk Leads Kolcraft to Recall 96,000 Jeep Liberty Strollers

Apparently Chrysler isn’t the only company recalling products under the Jeep Liberty brand.  The Chicago, Illinois-based Kolcraft Enterprises has announced the recall of Jeep Liberty strollers with model numbers ranging from JL031 to JL036.  96,000 of the strollers were sold across the country (and 510 in Canada) at a variety of retailers between June 2010 and this month.  The tires on these strollers have inner tubes that are in danger of rupturing, creating a fracture that poses a projectile hazard.  39 incidents have come to the fore at the moment, with 18 of those reportedly leading to injury (two kids and 16 adults).   Some injuries occurred while the tire was being filled.  The strollers should not be used until new wheels can be obtained from the company.

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E-Zee Bath Seats Recalled By California Company Due to Tipping Risk

The Pico Rivera, California-based BeBeLove has announced the recall of 5,600 E-Zee Bath Seats for kids ranging from five to ten months in age.  These items reportedly fail to meet the stability standards put in place at the federal level, and as a result, tipping is a possibility.  Without proper adult supervision, this could create a drowning hazard.  Thankfully, no instances of such have been reported at this time.  Available online from such outlets as Amazon, Overstock, and more between May 2011 and this past November, the products should not be used.  Instead, parents ought to get in touch with BeBeLove to learn about how to return or discard the item and get their money back.

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7,500 Joanna Girl’s Sandals Recalled By Stride Rite Over Choking Risk

The Lexington, Massachusetts-based Stride Rite Children’s Group has announced the recall of white or brown Joanna Girl’s Sandals between sizes 8.5 and 10.  7,500 of these sandals could suffer from an issue wherein detachment of a metal flower found on the shoes is a possibility.  If the wearer then attempts to swallow the flower, it would create a choking threat.  Six detachment incidents and 11 more loosening incidents have already been reported, but those thankfully did not lead to an injury.  Owners can get in touch with the company to receive a free envelope they can use to ship the shoes back to receive a replacement coupon.  The sandals were sold across the country between December 2011 and this past May.

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710 Children’s Pajama Sets Recalled By Vive La Fete Over Burn Risk

710 two piece pajama sets for children are being recalled by the Miami, Florida-based Vive La Fete.  Two different styles of cotton/polyester pajamas are impacted by the recall, which was issued because of the items’ inability to meet the standards for flammability set by the federal government.  Thus, exposure to an open flame could create a burn threat to the children wearing the pajamas.  No instances of such have been reported at this time, and to ensure that remains the case, the pajamas should not be worn and Vive La Fete should be contacted for recall instructions.  The pajamas were available around the country between September and January.

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Strangulation Hazard Prompts Zulily to Recall 560 Deezo Zip-Up Hoodies

The Seattle, Washington-based Zulily has announced the recall of girls’ and boys’ zip-up hoodies under the Deezo brand.  The products, which were available from the Zulily website between this past August and March, have a hood with a drawstring winding through it.  This brings the jackets and sweaters out of compliance with federal regulations that went into effect two years ago in order to reduce the threat of entrapment and strangulation.  The worry is that a child can be strangled by the aforementioned drawstring.  Thankfully, no such incidents have been reported among the 560 or so recalled products.  Parents can return the clothing for a refund or simply get rid of the drawstring.

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