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D.C. Safety Campaign Features Tire Treads on Pedestrians’ Faces

A pedestrian safety campaign recently enacted in and around Washington D.C. has some people complaining about the graphic nature of the ads.  The campaign features a series of images emblazoned upon the sides of local buses.  They feature a photo of a face that has a tire track splashed across it.  Phrases found near the image explain that pedestrians can’t rely on airbags and that a person on foot can’t be fixed in a body shop.  Street Smart put together the ad campaign, and they believe that the eye-opening nature of the ads is essential to getting drivers and pedestrians to place more attention on safety.  They hope the ads can curtail the estimated 2,600 injuries and 90 fatalities that occur in D.C. every year.

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Report Discusses California Bike Safety Online Resources

A new report discusses the numerous resources at parents’ fingertips in terms of bicycle safety education in the state of California.  The sites mentioned give tips on how to set up bike rodeos, which teach students the importance of bike safety.  There’s also a program called Safe Routes to School which both encourages safety and provides children with safety tips through a number of initiatives.

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Eastern Iowa Driving Instructors Teach Students About Texting Danger

Eastern Iowa driving instructors are reminding students that they are 23 times as likely to be involved in an automobile crash if they are texting while driving.  One Drive Tek driver’s education instructor says that they treat texting while driving the same as they would intoxication behind the wheel. They also use a recent hit and run case to emphasize that the dangerous habit can lead to jail time. A young woman was sentenced to five years in prison after she allegedly hit a motorcyclist while texting and driving and then drove away without stopping.

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Report Compares Crash Test Ratings Among Different Agencies

While crash ratings are a good source to use while picking a car, the numbers can be deceiving if you don’t know what to look for. Different crash testing programs test different situations, and even the safest cars could suffer if they come up against a much heavier vehicle, a situation that can be difficult to test.  A new report discusses deficiencies in crash testing, and compares crash test standards from around the world.

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Rail Safety Week Brings Increased Crossing Enforcement in Indiana

This week is Rail Safety Week in Indiana.  In commemoration, the state’s Transportation Department, the State Police, Operation Lifesaver, and various railroad companies are partnering to spread a message of safety at railroad crossings.  Throughout the state, local law enforcement entities will be enforcing laws geared toward preventing people and automobiles from crossing railroad tracks at inappropriate times and venues.  Ten people died last year from crossing collisions.  PSAs will also be used to increase awareness.

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Carrier Truck Lines and Army Corps of Engineers Promote Water Safety

To promote water safety, Carrier Truck Lines and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have partnered to place decals on 600 tractor trailers that will be traveling as far afield as Mexico, Canada, and all throughout the United States.  The Army Corps of Engineers hopes to reduce deaths on Corps lakes by half.  The decal features a kid in a life jacket.  It states “Keep them smiling.  Keep them safe.”  The decals will see millions of miles while accompanying the big rigs on their travels.

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New York’s Sustainable Streets Index Provides Safety Analysis

Earlier this week, the Sustainable Streets Index was released by the Department of Transportation of New York City.  The report provides an eye-opening view on how safety improvement projects in the area have directly contributed to increasing the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike.  Commuting trends were also analyzed in the report.  The assessment program allows officials to study successful programs like “Weekend Walks” to determine how to better utilize such projects in the future.

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West Virginia’s Barbour County Holds Safety Fair For Parents and Kids

A Safety Fair was recently held at the courthouse square in West Virginia’s Barbour County.  The effort, which was put together by Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Governor’s Highway and Safety Program, provided various stations where children and parents alike could participate in activities and learn about safety.  Topics covered included things like drunk driving, bike safety, and distracted driving.  One local sheriff also touted the positive impact that interaction with police officers would have on the community.

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New York to Hand Out Grants for School Zone Improvements

$23.9 million is up for grabs to municipalities in New York who apply for a federal grant through the state’s Department of Transportation.  The money is earmarked for efforts designed to improve safety in school zones and along paths where children will be traveling to get to and from their educational institution.  The Safe Routes to School funding will be bestowed upon areas that pledge to make improvements to sidewalks, bike paths, crosswalks, and more within two miles of a school.  Education campaigns are also eligible for the funding.

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Minnesota DOT Offers School Bus Safety Advice to Parents and Students

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is offering tips on promoting safety while in the vicinity of a school bus.  They urge children riding a bus to always look both ways when crossing the street and to wait for the go-ahead from the driver.  Enough distance should be given so that the driver can see the kid as well.  Other drivers should give themselves a 20 foot cushion when coming upon a stopped bus with flashing lights, and a new route might be considered for those who can manage it.

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Hermantown, Minnesota Hosts Public Safety Expo

Hermantown, Minnesota will be the site of the 13th Annual St. Louis County Public Safety Expo.  Previous years have had more than 1,500 people show up to participate in a variety of activities meant to promote safety.  Representatives from various law enforcement agencies in the area will be on hand, as will ambulances, police cruisers, and other emergency response vehicles which people can explore.  Officials will also demonstrate how emergency responders execute a vehicle rescue when an individual is trapped inside and teach kids how to dial 911.

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Fork Lift Truck Association Urges Companies to Take Safety Test

The United Kingdom’s Fork Lift Truck Association is hoping that businesses will submit to a test geared toward fork lift safety called “Go for Gold.”  An estimated 100,000 companies use fork lifts, and with this being National Fork Lift Safety Week, the FLTA hopes that companies will comply with their request to take the test.  A score of 80% will earn a special certificate.  The challenge only takes about 20 minutes.

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Madison Class Teaches Importance of Scooter Safety

Motorcycle safety courses are the norm, but recently the Madison Area Technical College held a class dedicated to safety of a different sort of two-wheeled conveyance:  scooters.  Now two years strong, it was the first such class offered in Wisconsin, and it offers insight into proper braking techniques, cornering tips, and hazard avoidance.  However, only two thirds of the spots in the class were filled, showing that such courses don’t engender the widespread popularity of similar motorcycle classes.

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Kids to Learn About Bike, Fire Safety This Weekend in Manhattan

The ATA Black Belt Academy of Manhattan will play host to a School Safety Expo this Saturday.  Kids as young as kindergarteners or as old as high school seniors can show up to learn lessons relating to anti-bullying, fire safety, and bicycle safety.  The event will see members of Mercy Regional Health Center, Riley County EMS, and the Manhattan Fire Department taking part in activities.  Bicycle helmets will also be sold to participants for a relatively reasonable $7.50.

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Ithaca College Offers Bike School to New York Officers

Officers from around New York recently were able to take part in Ithaca College’s Law Enforcement Bike School.  Now in its 19th year, the school allows officers who descend upon Ithaca College to navigate obstacle courses and practice a variety of takedown techniques across the campus.  Challenges included riding on stacked pellets that simulate stairs and weaving through cones at low speeds in a challenge that’s meant to demonstrate the importance of maintaining control in tight situations.  Being on bikes is seen by some as making an officer more approachable.

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Illinois Passes Julie’s Law, Which Targets Excessive Speeders

Julie’s Law, which was named after an Illinois crash victim, goes into effect in 2013. The law was signed by the state’s governor. The law states that anyone operating a vehicle on a highway at speeds higher than 30 miles per hour over the speed limit will not be entitled to court-ordered supervision. Additional laws concerning road safety were also signed by the governor.

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NFPA Offers Electric Car Safety Education to Firefighters

The National Fire Protection Association is offering free training to firefighters with respect to electric cars. Firefighters and paramedics are more accustomed to dealing with gas-powered vehicles, and this education is designed help them feel more comfortable should they need to affect a rescue around such hybrid technology. One of the cars examined at the event, which took place at the Ohio Fire Academy, was the 2012 Chevrolet Volt.

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