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Crash Risk Prompts Yamaha to Recall 3,900 Bolt Motorcycles

Bolt motorcycles of the 2014 model year are being recalled by the Yamaha Motor Company due to a problem that could find the wiring harness sagging or experiencing excessive slack.  3,900 vehicles are potentially impacted by the issue, which could see the wires in the aforementioned harness melting if the slack is sufficient so as to allow the component to touch the exhaust manifest.  This could cause a short circuit which may lead to a blown fuse.  A stalling engine then becomes a possibility along with the attendant crash threat that poses.  The recall should start by month’s end, so owners should be on the lookout for a notification.  Dealers will initiate free repairs once the motorcycles are brought in.

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Whittier Police Cracking Down on Motorcycle Endangerment This July

The remainder of the month of July will see officers with the Whittier Police Department cracking down on those persons whose actions contribute to safety threats among motorcyclists.  The operation is set to target such things as drunk driving, improper lane changing, and speeding.  Special attention will also be placed on motorcyclists who neglect to wear a helmet and any driver whose actions run afoul of the mandated right of way.  Since 2009, Whittier has seen 87 motorcycle accidents that contributed to three fatalities and 78 injuries.  The police believe that a better economy brings more new riders out on the road, and they suggest that such parties get the proper training from a class like the California Motorcyclist Safety Program.

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Long Beach Police To Crack Down on Actions That Endanger Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists and automobile operators alike in the Long Beach area should make themselves aware of an upcoming enforcement operation focused on rooting out those behaviors which could endanger riders.  Last year alone, 99 riders were killed and a half dozen were injured in the city of Long Beach.  There are certain behaviors that police will be paying especial attention to.  Drinking and driving will not be tolerated, nor will speeding or improper turning that could endanger motorcyclists, the two activities that led to most of the motorcycle accidents which took place last year.  The LBPD urges drivers to keep an eye out for motorcyclists, especially in the midst of a burgeoning economy that may bring new, untrained riders out on the roads.

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870 F800 GS and F700 GS Motorcycles Recalled By BMW Over Crash Risk

F800 GS and F700 GS motorcycles of the 2013 model year are being recalled by BMW of North America because of an issue with the side-stand switch.  On 870 of these motorcycles, there’s a possibility that this component can sustain damage.  When this occurs, the engine could potentially run when the side-stand is in the down position, a condition that’s not supposed to happen.  The rider could then get on the vehicle without moving the side-stand from this down position, and a crash hazard is then posed.  Next month, the recall is going to start and owners will hear from BMW.  The motorcycles can then be brought in to a dealer for free repairs.

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605 Empulse Motorcycles Recalled By Brammo Due to Crash Risk

Empulse motorcycles of the 2013 model year are being recalled by Brammo because of a potential crash hazard associated with the rear tail assembly bracket.  An estimated 605 motorcycles could be affected by this issue, which would find the bracket experiencing fatigue that could lead the entire piece of equipment to break away during transit.  Should this breaking lead the component to intrude upon the rear wheel, the motorcyclist could lose control and be involved in a crash.  There’s no word on when the recall is going to start nor what repairs are going to consist of.  Once it does begin, though, owners can expect to receive some form of notification.

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FX and XU Motorcycles Recalled By Zero Due To Burn Threat

FX and XU motorcycles of the 2013 model year are being recalled by Zero Motorcycles because of a potential defect which occurred during the manufacturing process.  On 128 of these motorcycles, the battery’s sealant material may not do an adequate job keeping water away from the interior components.  If that water makes its way to the battery’s cells, corrosion and sudden overheating can take place.  The subsequent electrolyte off-gassing could cause the person on the motorcycle at the time to sustain a burn.  The recall should have already begun, and thus owners can expect to hear from Zero soon if they haven’t already.  By bringing the motorcycles in to a dealer, riders can obtain new battery modules at no cost.

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Consumer Reports Releases Guide to ABS-Equipped Motorcycles

Consumer Reports has released a guide to those motorcycles and scooters of the 2013 model year that are equipped with antilock brake systems.  As the report states, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has estimated that this technology could reduce fatal motorcycle injuries by a rate of 37%.  At the moment, ABS isn’t standard, but that will change in 2016 when mandatory rules come into effect.  However, you can consult the guide to determine what ABS model suits your riding style.  The system tends to be more common nowadays with larger motorcycles, but unfortunately, the smaller vehicles favored by many new riders still tend to be lacking ABS.

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Drivers and Motorcyclists Encouraged to Share the Road Responsibly

The Police Department of Grafton, Massachusetts has released a series of tips designed to help motorcyclists and automobile drivers alike encourage safety, and much of the advice relies on increasing visibility.  Motor vehicle operators are being asked to avoid situations where they might lose track of a motorcycle.  Particular caution should be used when such a rider is in your blind spot or when you’re turning left as a motorcyclist is coming toward you on the opposite side of the road.  Also be of a mind that a motorcyclist could be hidden from view by a larger vehicle and that riders might need to make a sudden movement if something like a pothole springs up in their path.  Motorcyclists, for their part, should avoid lane splitting and entering areas they know could put them in a blind spot.

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South Carolina Motorcycle Law Allows Endless Beginner’s Permit Renewal

Having the proper training and skill set is imperative for those who hope to safely ride a motorcycle, but South Carolina has an interesting law that allows riders to take to the roads for extended periods of time without passing a skills test.  How is this possible?  Although persons with a beginner permit, which only allows for the operation of a motorcycle during the day, are required to take a skills test every year in order to qualify for an actual motorcycle license, failure doesn’t strip them of their right to ride a motorcycle.  They can instead opt to renew their beginner’s permit, and with no cap on the number of times renewal can be had, persons whose skills might be subpar can remain on the road indefinitely without ever actually going through the rigors of obtaining a full-fledged license.

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652 Street Triple and Daytona 675 Motorcycles Recalled Over Crash Risk

652 Street Triple and Daytona 675 Motorcycles of the 2012 model year are being recalled by Triumph Motorcycles because of an issue that could imperil a rider’s ability to control the unit.  The throttle cables on these vehicles might not have a guide due to an error in the production process.  If this leads to entrapment of the cables within the steering stop, a driver might lose his or her ability to properly steer the motorcycle.  The threat of a crash then becomes more apparent.  There has yet to be an indication as to when owners can expect the recall to begin, but once it does, notification will be provided and riders will be able to bring their motorcycles in to receive the guides that should make for safer operation.

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279 Speed Triple Motorcycles Recalled By Triumph Over Crash Risk

Speed Triple Motorcycles of the 2012 and 2013 model years are being recalled by Triumph Motorcycles because of an issue that might cause driver confusion.  On 279 of these vehicles, the gear selector drum and the neutral switch might not engage properly.  Should this occur, a driver would find that the neutral indicator is still lit, possibly making them believe this is the actual status of the motorcycle despite the fact that it is actually in gear.  Thus, the motorcycle can move when the rider isn’t expecting it to, a condition that could create a potential crash hazard.  The recall should begin by the end of next week, so owners ought to be on the lookout for notification from Triumph.  By bringing the motorcycle in to a dealer, it’s possible to obtain free repairs.

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1,186 Explorer and Explorer XC Motorcycles Recalled By Triumph

Explorer XC and Explorer motorcycles of the 2012 and 2013 model years are being recalled by Triumph Motorcycles America.  An estimated 1,186 motorcycles are thought to be impacted by the recall, and each could have a label that erroneously states the weight that can be added to the vehicle.  If a motorcyclist thus follows the directive as outlined by the label, he or she could be unable to properly steer their motorcycle.  There’s also a possibility that the tires could fail.  Either issue poses a crash hazard.  Although there is no word on when the recall will take place, owners can expect to hear from Triumph once it does.  Free labels that contain the correct information will be provided to owners of the motorcycles.

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Nevada Motorcycle Safety Advocates Provide Important Tips

Nevada, along with the rest of the country, is commemorating May’s designation as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.  To get citizens more involved, the Nevada Rider Motorcycle Safety Program has issued a series of important tips to drivers and motorcyclists alike.  Riders are asked to wear equipment that protects them, such as a helmet, and increases their visibility.  It’s also imperative to regularly brush up on skills training and understand your reaction time while on the road.  For their part, drivers are asked to put ample distance between themselves and riders, at least three or four seconds’ worth of road space.  Automobiles shouldn’t crowd a lane containing a motorcyclist and drivers should always keep an eye out for riders when executing a left turn.

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Safety Advocates Warn Motorcyclists Of Danger Posed By Rider Error

A new report explains that motorcycle fatalities in Washington and Idaho most typically have their genesis not in an error on behalf of the driver of an automobile, but of an error on the part of the motorcycle rider.  With May marking Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, the Idaho STAR Motorcycle Safety Program is attempting to get the word out about the importance of riders always being cognizant of their environment and riding safely around larger vehicles.  A member of STAR explains that a full three out of four fatal motorcycle accidents in Idaho can be attributed to an error by the rider.  In Washington, 80 motorcyclists were killed last year alone.

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Washington Motorcyclists Urged to Take Precautions By State Patrol

With the weather warming up around Washington, the State Patrol is taking the opportunity to call upon motorcyclists to use the precautions necessary to ensure their own wellbeing on the roads.  More motorcyclists on the road means more chances for injurious or even fatal accidents, but there are steps that can be taken that mitigate the risks.  Training is perhaps one of the biggest detriments to danger.  Not only should rookie riders submit to the necessary training course, but so should older riders who haven’t been able to dust off their motorcycle for months. When out on the roads, riders should also drive within the directives of posted speed limits, and if alcohol is consumed at any point, a motorcycle should not be in the cards.

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Safety Tips Target Motorcycle Riders In Time for Spring

Motorcycle season is finally upon us with the start of spring, and that means that all drivers have to be cognizant of a near-certain upsurge in motorcycle traffic as the weather gets warmer.  In Anne Arundel County, Maryland, the local police are thus providing a few tips to citizens.  Automobile operators should limit distractions from their phones and otherwise, and they should also pay careful attention to their blind spots.  Looking twice when merging and turning can also go a long way toward protecting motorcyclists.  Riders, for their part, should realize that their skills may lag a bit since last they rode, and thus practice in a parking lot might be a good idea.  The bike should be checked out for potential damage since it was last ridden, and of course, the correct gear needs to be worn at all times.

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West Hollywood The Target of Motorcycle Enforcement Effort

Motorcyclists who are going to travel through the West Hollywood area should make themselves aware of a motorcycle safety enforcement operation taking place this weekend in the area.  The Traffic Service Detail of the local Sheriff’s Department will have additional deputies in place in order to cite drivers whose actions compromise the safety of motorcyclists and other vehicles.  They will pay particular attention to those spots in West Hollywood where motorcycle collisions have proved to be more common.  Drivers who appear to be drunk or otherwise impaired by drugs are especially being targeted during this operation.  The hope is that these types of efforts can help replicate a drop in motorcycle fatalities which occurred in 2009 and 2010.

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PSA Draws Comparisons Between Motorcycles and Planes

A public service announcement from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation attempts to compare motorcycles with airplanes in a bid to get riders more focused on safety.  In it, a motorcycle enthusiast/fighter pilot trainer explains the commonalities between the two methods of transportation.  Both require the operator to put on adequate safety gear every time they get ready to start their journey, they each require intensive training, and having knowledge of your immediate environment at all times is absolutely essential whether on a plane or a motorcycle.  The MSF is also offering a number of safety tips to riders.  They explain that drugs and alcohol have no place in motorcycle riding, nor does a lack of safety gear.

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Crash Risk Prompts Recall of 1,317 ContiMotion Motorcycle Tires

ContiMotion motorcycle tires manufactured between December 19, 2010 and September 24, 2011 are being recalled by Continental Tire.  1,317 tires are affected by the recall, and each is meant to be affixed to the Honda Goldwing 1800 motorcycle.  The recall was necessitated once it was discovered that uneven belt lift, groove cracking, and wear can accumulate in these tires, potentially leading to a significant loss of tire pressure.  This could imperil the rider’s ability to control the motorcycle, and thus a crash hazard is posed.  There is no word yet on when the recall is going to begin, but once it does, owners can expect to receive a a notification from the company and a reimbursement toward the cost of the tires.

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24 Tickets Handed Out During San Bernardino Motorcycle Crackdown

This past Saturday, the police department of the city of San Bernardino took part in an enforcement initiative designed to improve motorcycle safety in the area.  The officers descended upon those sections of the city that have exhibited a history of motorcycle collisions and traffic violations.  Thanks to the efforts of the police, 24 people were cited during the course of the operation, and three more were arrested.  54 people were pulled over in total, and six of the citations were handed out to those whose licenses had been revoked or suspended.  Impaired drivers received particular focus during the crackdown.  The police encourage riders to seek training via the California Motorcyclist Safety Program.

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