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Canadian Poll Shows Lack of Insight Into Modern Car Safety Features

A recent poll shows that a large number of Canadian respondents (more than two thirds) are unknowledgeable about the safety features of their automobiles. What is even more astounding is that an alarming number of respondents admitted that they would be more willing to indulge in risky driving behavior if they felt that their cars were safer. Nearly eight percent of the drivers even claimed that they would drive while intoxicated if their vehicle came with sufficient safety features.

Follow this link to learn more about this shocking study.

Dry Dog Food Recalled Due to Aflatoxin Levels

In a press release, Advanced Animal Nutrition, in cooperation with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), announced that it has voluntarily recalled some of its units of Dog Power Dry Dog Food because of aflatoxin levels that were detected above the acceptable limit. Products manufactured between Jan. 4, 2011, and Nov. 18, 2011 are included in the recall. Products with the packaging date codes (lot numbers) K0004 through K1322 are also being recalled. No illnesses have been reported in association with these products to date, and no other Advanced Animal Nutrition pet food products are involved in this recall. Consumers are being instructed to return the products to the place of purchase in order to receive a full refund.

As a Seattle personal injury attorney, I’ve seen this sort of food safety recall many times in the past and know the devastating illnesses that can result from handling or consuming a contaminated food product. If you have fallen ill after handling or consuming a contaminated food product, speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer in your city to learn more about your legal rights as they pertain to the matter.

Sudafed Recall Because of A Typo

As a personal injury lawyer I am all for keeping consumers safe from defective products but sometimes things get a little ridiculous. My case in point, Johnson & Johnson is recalling certain packages of Sudafed because of a typo. It’s not even a typo that accidentally tells people it’s ok to take 50 pills at once. Instead there is a double negative that reads “do not not divide, crush, chew or dissolve the tablet.”

The odd recall involves Sudafed’s extended-release 24 Hour tablets. The product is fine – consumers can still use it – but the problem is a misprint on the product’s box. The other funny thing is the internal packaging has the proper instructions but Johnson & Johnson and the Food and Drug Administration were concerned enough about the typo to recall 600,000 packages. That’s right 600,000 packages were recalled because of “not not”.

If you have been injured do to double negatives in the instructions on a product call a San Bernardino personal injury lawyer right away. It could be a matter of life or death! Of course I am kidding but hopefully you get the point.

Ford Recalls 144,000 F-150 Trucks

Ford Motor Company announced this Wednesday it will recall about 144,000 F-150 pickup trucks in the United States and Canada because of a potential airbag problem. Government auto safety regulators asked Ford to recall 1.3 million of their trucks and the National Traffic Safety Administration has the power to make Ford recall the vehicles they asked them to. The NTSA is looking into the matter further and will soon decide if the recall Ford issued will be enough.

The 144,000 trucks Ford decided to recall were made between November 2004 and June 2005 at Ford’s Norfolk, Virginia assembly plant. Ford said they are recalling only the trucks made at this plant because the unwanted airbag deployments for the trucks made there is higher than in the F-150 trucks made at other factories.

Ford says the issue was caused by a wire in the steering wheel (where the airbag is housed) that was placed wrong. The material surrounding the wire can rub off and cause a short that can lead to the unwanted airbag deployment. The NTSA accused Ford of downplaying the issue and added that the rate of incidents will probably increase over time because of how the issue comes about. Ford countered that a warning light that the airbag requires servicing will light up multiple times before the deployment occurs.

As a San Diego car accident lawyer I would advise that if you own an f-150 manufactured between 2004 and 2005 take it to the dealership to be checked out. No matter which type of vehicle you have if your air bag service light is on get that fixed right away as well. The last thing you want is for your air bags to fail when you really need them.

And remember, if you are ever seriously injured due to a defect in any device or product, such as a product recall, it’s important to call a San Diego personal injury lawyer right away.