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Tracoe Mini Tracheostomy Tubes Recalled Due to Labeling Error

Tracoe Mini Three Millimeter Tracheostomy Tubes are being recalled by Bryan Medical because of a labeling error that could create an injury hazard.  Instead of the contents of the product including a neonatal tube, there’s a chance that it could actually contain a pediatric tube.  Although the inner diameters of these items are both supposed to be three millimeters, the full length of the pediatric tube is 4 mm longer and thus could harm an infant’s trachea, an issue that could prompt serious adversity.  The items, which were made available to medical personnel between April 9 and 12 of this year, should be sent back to Bryan Medical.  A new version of the product not suffering from the labeling error will be provided.

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Laceration Risk Leads to Recall of 2,500 Cases of Square Mile Cider

2,500 cases of Hard Cider sold in Washington, California, and Oregon are being recalled by the Square Mile Cider Company because of a potential laceration issue that could exist.  Each affected bottle of Original or Spur & Vine Hopped Cider would have been packaged prior to May 15 of this year.  The bottles are in danger of shattering because the contents could be undergoing fermentation anew.  This could harm a user and cause the product to taste odd.  Owners are being advised to throw out the affected beverage as soon as possible.  No reports of an injury have become known at this time, and those with concerns are being advised to get in touch with the company.

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100,000 Tires Recalled By Michelin Due to Air Pressure Loss Risk

100,000 tires are being recalled by Michelin for a safety issue that could find the tires suffering from perforated sidewalls.  Although only 2,500 tires are thought to be affected by the potential defect, Michelin has gone ahead and issued this recall on Latitude Tour, LTX M/S2, and X Radial LT2 tires in order to fix those units which are affected.  No incidents have been reported yet in association with the defect, which if made manifest, can cause air pressure to emanate from the unit.  Persons whose vehicles carry these tires are being advised to drop in to a Michelin dealer to seek out free replacements.  To find out if their tires are affected, consumers are being asked to identify the tire’s date based off of the sidewall code and to compare it with a list of affected units.

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Crash Risk Prompts Yamaha to Recall 3,900 Bolt Motorcycles

Bolt motorcycles of the 2014 model year are being recalled by the Yamaha Motor Company due to a problem that could find the wiring harness sagging or experiencing excessive slack.  3,900 vehicles are potentially impacted by the issue, which could see the wires in the aforementioned harness melting if the slack is sufficient so as to allow the component to touch the exhaust manifest.  This could cause a short circuit which may lead to a blown fuse.  A stalling engine then becomes a possibility along with the attendant crash threat that poses.  The recall should start by month’s end, so owners should be on the lookout for a notification.  Dealers will initiate free repairs once the motorcycles are brought in.

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8,700 Infant Varsity Jackets Recalled By Macy’s Over Choking Threat

The New York City-based Macy’s Merchandising Group has announced the recall of 8,700 First Impressions Varsity Jackets for infants.  These snap-up hooded jackets, which have a style number of 1300, were sold by either Military Exchanges or Macy’s between September and November of last year.  The jackets have snaps that are in danger of being dislodged and thus the infant outfitted with the jacket could choke on the snap if they get ahold of it.  Thankfully, no injurious incidents have been reported at this time, and to ensure that continues, owners are being asked not to dress their kids in the jackets.  Instead, the jackets can be brought to Macy’s or Military Exchanges for a refund.

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Airbag Issue Prompts Recall of Grand Caravans and Town & Countrys

Dodge Grand Caravan and Town & Country vehicles of the 2013 model year have been recalled by Chrysler because of an issue that could compromise the proper deployment of the airbags.  184 of these vehicles could have the wrong software placed into the occupant restraint control module.  This brings the automobiles out of compliance with federal regulations encompassing airbags, as the airbags on these vehicles might go off improperly or simply fail to go off at all.  The recall should start by next month, at which time owners will start to receive notification from Chrysler.  A replacement of the affected module will be carried out by dealers at no cost to owners.

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2,300 LED Lanterns Recalled By Washington Company Over Fire Risk

Around 2,300 UCO Arka LED Lanterns are being recalled by the Tukwila, Washington-based Industrial Revolution because of a potential fire threat posed.  These multipurpose lantern, USB chargers, and flashlights have a wall charger that’s in danger of sustaining a failure, an issue that could prompt a fire.  No instances of such have come to the fore at this time.  The products, which were only available in April and May of this year from REI, should not be charged.  Instead, the aforementioned chargers should be removed from the wall.  Owners are being advised to get in touch with REI to obtain a new charger which shouldn’t suffer from the issue.

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Kids’ Jackets Recalled By 5 Star Kids Apparel Due to Entanglement Risk

The New York City-based 5 Star Kids Apparel has announced the recall of Mecca-branded children’s hooded jackets sized 2T to XL.  Six styles of the long sleeve jackets are impacted by the recall, which was issued because of the existence of toggled drawstrings around the neck and the bottom of the jackets.  As such, the clothing violates regulations set forth by the federal government in 2011 as a means to reduce the threat of entanglement or strangulation among children.  No such incidents have been reported in association with the estimated 48,000 jackets at this time, and to ensure that continues, the drawstrings and toggles should be removed and tossed out.  The items were available between August 2010 and March 2011.

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Listeria Fears Lead to Recall of Hummus by Hagee Foods

Numerous varieties and brands of hummus are being recalled by Hagee Foods. Doing business as Penny’s Salsa, the company made the various recalled hummus products available for sale throughout Washington and Oregon between May 27 and July 14 of this year.  Each recalled product, which will have a Use By date between July 13 and August 25 and come in an eight or 12 ounce package (as well as a 1.5 ounce package on certain vegetable trays), could suffer from a Listeria monocytogenes contamination.  Department of Agriculture testing uncovered the problem, and owners are being instructed to take the hummus back to the store it was bought to get their money back.

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Crash Risk Leads to Recall of 45,961 Ram 1500 Trucks By Chrysler

Chrysler has announced the recall of Ram 1500 4 x 4 trucks of the 2013 model year because of a potential failure of the Electronic Stability Control mechanism.  A software problem is reportedly to blame for the possible safety shortfall, which could find the ESC turning off once the truck is turned on.  45,961 vehicles could suffer from this issue, which could lead the driver to lose their directional control.  A crash becomes more likely at that point.  In August, owners should start to receive notifications from Chrysler.  By bringing the trucks in to a dealer, consumers should be able to obtain a no-cost software update designed to fix the problem.

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Over 1,000 Ram Trucks Recalled By Chrysler Due to Crash Hazard

More than 1,000 Ram 5500 and 4500 trucks of the 2013 model year have been recalled by Chrysler because a certain component may not have been installed properly.  A bolt that keeps the frame and the track bar secured to one another may not be of the correct type, and thus this bolt is in danger of breaking or simply coming dislodged.  This can lead to the trucks careening to the left or right without notice to the driver.  A crash threat is then posed.  Next month, the recall is set to start, and owners can expect to begin hearing from Chrysler about the issue.  An inspection and, if necessary, free replacement of the affected components will be provided to vehicle owners by dealers.

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37,000 Ram Trucks Recalled By Chrysler Over Safety Issues

37,000 trucks are being recalled by Chrysler because of two different issues that could pose safety hazards on the road.  The first recall affects 30,000 or so Ram 3500, 2500, and 1500 pickup trucks of the 2013 model year that may not properly inform drivers via a dashboard warning that taillights have gone out.  Thus, the owners would keep driving without knowing that their vehicles aren’t signaling other automobiles as to their braking intentions.  The other recall pertains to Ram 5500 and 4500 trucks of the 2012 model year that can be susceptible to damage of the front axle.  This can then contribute to a loss of power.  For the former issue, a software update should take care of the problem, while the latter will involve work on the front axle.

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Blades For GlideScope Video Laryngoscopes Recalled By Verathon

Verathon has announced the recall of reusable blades used in conjunction with GlideScope Video Laryngoscopes and Advanced Video Laryngoscopes.  These devices allow doctors to observe a patient’s vocal cords in the midst of an operation.  These recalled blades, however, can see their tip fail early, and the blade itself could experience an outright breakage.  This could lead to sections of the blade dislodging within the patient’s mouth or airway, causing such potential dangers as hypoxemia, blood loss, or even a fatality.  What makes this most unfortunate is that inspections prior to an operation would not necessarily turn up the issue.  Doctors are being asked to stop using these blades and to send them back to Verathon to get new items.

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870 F800 GS and F700 GS Motorcycles Recalled By BMW Over Crash Risk

F800 GS and F700 GS motorcycles of the 2013 model year are being recalled by BMW of North America because of an issue with the side-stand switch.  On 870 of these motorcycles, there’s a possibility that this component can sustain damage.  When this occurs, the engine could potentially run when the side-stand is in the down position, a condition that’s not supposed to happen.  The rider could then get on the vehicle without moving the side-stand from this down position, and a crash hazard is then posed.  Next month, the recall is going to start and owners will hear from BMW.  The motorcycles can then be brought in to a dealer for free repairs.

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Ford Odyssey Vehicles Recalled By Turtle Top Over Fire Threat

Ford Odyssey vehicles of the 2009 model year are being recalled by Turtle Top because of a potential safety hazard associated with the Ricon wheelchair lift onboard.  178 vehicles in total may be affected by a defect that would find the armored pendant cable in an improper position that allows it to make contact with the lift itself.  If this cable is able to touch a power lug, a short circuit and an ensuing fire become possibilities.  The recall is set to start this coming Monday, at which point Turtle Top will be in touch with vehicle owners.  A supplemental cover kit will be given to such persons by Ricon at no cost.

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442,481 Vehicles Recalled By Chrysler Due to Head Restraint Error

Jeep Liberty, 200, Sebring, and Dodge Nitro and Avenger automobiles of the 2011 through 2013 model years are being recalled by Chrysler.  A whopping 442,481 vehicles could be affected by an issue wherein one of the occupant restraint control module’s resistors can be over-stressed by electricity.  Should the vehicle be struck from behind by another automobile, there’s a possibility that the active head restraints would not go off as warranted.  This would necessarily create a greater risk of injury.  The recall won’t start until next month, but once it does, notices will be sent out to vehicle owners.  The affected module will be replaced or the Totally Integrated Power Module will be flashed for free.

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23,000 Trucks Recalled By Volvo Due To Potential Braking Issue

Volvo Trucks North America has announced the recall of VHD, VNM, VT, VNL, and VAH trucks of the 2007 through 2014 model years.  Just over 23,000 of these vehicles didn’t come equipped with a redundant clutch disengagement switch like they were supposed to, and as a result, the clutch might not be disengaged when the driver hits the brakes.  It could then take longer than the driver was anticipating for the truck to come to a halt, and thus there’s a greater risk of a crash.  The recall should start by the end of August, although what the recall will entail has not been figured out at this point.

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Element and Ever-Lite Trailers Recalled By EverGreen Over Fire Risk

185 Element and Ever-Lite travel trailers of the 2010 through 2012 model years are being recalled by EverGreen Recreational Vehicles because of a potential fire hazard posed.  Each of the affected trailers will contain a propane cylinder that’s in danger of rupturing or otherwise allowing gas to emanate.  If a vehicle occupant were to bring an open flame into the vicinity of the leaked gas, a fire could break out and endanger persons onboard.  On July 19, the recall is set to start, and owners should be on the lookout for an alert from the company.  They’ll then be able to bring the trailers in to a dealer to receive a propane tank that shouldn’t suffer from the leakage issue.  This replacement will be carried out at no cost to trailer owners.

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Pacific Sea Salt Recalled By Somersault Over Undeclared Allergen Fears

712 cases of Somersault Pacific Sea Salt products are being recalled by the Somersault Snack Company because of a potential undeclared allergen threat.  The packages of these items could actually contain the Santa Fe Salsa version of the product, which contains milk.  Because the label fails to highlight the appearance of milk, the undeclared allergen risk presents itself.  Available only from Target in one ounce packages sold in counts of six, the items will have a sell by date reading FEB061481 or FEB061483.  The product was provided to Target distribution centers in California and four other states.  Allergic parties should bring the food to Target to get their money back.

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Three Frere Cheeses Recalled By Crave Brothers Over Listeria Worries

A potential Listeria monocytogenes risk has prompted the recall of Les Freres, Petit Frere, and Petit Frere with Truffles by the Waterloo, Wisconsin-based Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese Company.  Each of the products was available across the country and carries a make date prior to July 1 of this year.  Regulators are in the midst of a probe of a potential Listeria outbreak, leading Crave Brothers to initiate this particular recall.  Persons exposed to the aforementioned bacteria can experience things like diarrhea, nausea, and fever, and certain at-risk demographics are susceptible to more serious symptoms.  Owners should refrain from consumption and toss out the product or bring it back for a refund.

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