8,700 Infant Varsity Jackets Recalled By Macy’s Over Choking Threat

The New York City-based Macy’s Merchandising Group has announced the recall of 8,700 First Impressions Varsity Jackets for infants.  These snap-up hooded jackets, which have a style number of 1300, were sold by either Military Exchanges or Macy’s between September and November of last year.  The jackets have snaps that are in danger of being dislodged and thus the infant outfitted with the jacket could choke on the snap if they get ahold of it.  Thankfully, no injurious incidents have been reported at this time, and to ensure that continues, owners are being asked not to dress their kids in the jackets.  Instead, the jackets can be brought to Macy’s or Military Exchanges for a refund.

For more about the recall, follow this link.


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