Road Debris Creates Numerous Hazards in Los Angeles County

A new report attempts to get Los Angeles and indeed all California drivers to recognize the threat posed by debris along the road.  A Caltrans Public Information Officer explains that dump trucks pick up debris adding up to millions of pounds’ worth of items just at the LA county level.  These products can range from the relatively small, like shoes and microwaves, to larger items such as mattresses, ovens, and other large furniture.  Drivers are advised not just to look out for such debris, but also for the California Highway Patrol officer or public official tasked with getting it out of the way.  Vehicle operators who spot recently ejected debris are asked to slow their vehicles and get over if safe to do so.  If you collide with the debris or feel that it poses a safety threat, call 911 to report the incident.

Click here for more about the potential threat of road debris.


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